Ingeniería Diseño y Construcción DIFA s.a.


The main concerns of the company INGENIERÍA DISEÑO Y CONSTRUCCIÓN DIFA, S.A are Engineering Studies and Projects, Design, Applications Software, Construction and Supply of Up and Running Installations for various Industries.

In this Web page we will give an overall view of the company, both of the main areas of activity, of work recently carried out and of the different departments, resources, customers and other details which may be of interest.



DIFA has a highly qualified staff, with in many cases over 20 years experience, so we can offer our customers a top quality and highly professional service.

All the people who´s part of DIFA works hard to give our clients a fast and qualified service, fitting easy to our project needs.

Difa IngenieríaDifa Ingenieria Diseño y Construcción s.a.

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